How much do YOU spend on Valentines Day? Twenty dollars for chocolates? Fifty dollars for flowers? A hundred dollars for a romantic dinner for two? You don’t have to break the bank to keep from breaking your lovers heart, just use some imagination!! Here are a few tips to keep you from breaking the bank.

1. Make a card- it’ll save time on looking for a card that isn’t too distant, too intimate, too serious or too funny! Plus you can get a little more personal and meaningful for your significant other.

2. Make a fancy dinner- instead of trying to find a restaurant that isn’t packed, serving a limited menu at an expensive price, you can look up easy to make dinner ideas on Pinterest, buy a bottle of sparkling wine and set up a nice table at home!

3. Individualize a gift- take your favorite picture as a couple and have it put on a mug or a keychain! Way cheaper than a trip to the jewelry store.

4. Do a chore- offering a gift of labor is one of the best gifts you can give! Just make sure you are specific and as immediate as possible!

5. Plant in their honor- a bouquet dies within a week or two…. why not plant flowers or shrubs to commemorate the date? If they are perennials you can amortize your investment over many Valentine’s Days. Plus, your honey will think of you every time they bloom.

6. Make an exotic fruit basket- it’s a great alternative to a flower bouquet!! Plus you. Can spend the evening sampling them together!

7. Burn a custom CD- we ALL spend way too much time in the car these days… why not help your loved ones pass the time thinking about YOU by burning them a custom CD of their favorite tunes.

8. Make something by hand- bake a cake, knit a scarf, write a poem.. Everybody has a hobby or a talent, put it to use this Valentine’s Day!!

Most importantly, give the gift of YOUR TIME. They will appreciate it far more than that box of chocolates snatched in passing from the counter at the local grocery store!

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